Energy Savings, Barrie, ON

Our experts have some suggestions to help you determine the best course of action towards residential and commercial energy savings in the Barrie area.

Energy Savings in Barrie, Ontario
At DR Foam Insulation Services Ltd., we often talk with home and business owners about the energy savings they will enjoy when they choose to have their Barrie, Ontario home or business properly insulated. We have noticed that many of our clients have common questions about what type of insulation to use and where they should have insulation installed. Our experts have some suggestions to help you determine the best course of action to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

  • Find out the condition of your current insulation. Are your energy bills high? Are there any indoor drafts? Does the temperature in the home change from room to room? All of these are usually signs that you have issues with your home insulation. Our professionals can come to your home and use thermo-imaging systems to find areas of heat loss and give you all the available options to resolve the problem.
  • Know the areas where you should insulate. Unfinished attic spaces, between and over the floor joists, attic access doors, between the studs of “knee” walls, between the studs and rafters of exterior walls and roof, ceilings with cold spaces above, all exterior walls, foundation walls, floors above cold spaces, slab floors built directly on the ground, and rim joists are all recommended to be insulated.
  • Determine which type of insulation is the best for you. Choosing the insulation you want to use really comes down to circumstance and application. While polyurethane spray foam is the best product on the market, in some situations, there might be an alternative that can be utilized that will keep your costs down. Our number one goal is to help you achieve maximum energy savings for your space.

For more information on the best type of insulation and how you can achieve maximum energy savings at your home or business, contact us at DR Foam Insulation Services Ltd.