Spray Foam Insulation When it comes to getting the most energy efficient home, adding spray foam insulation often comes to mind. If you wonder if a home can be retrofitted with this remarkable insulation, the answer is a resounding YES! Obviously, in some cases, it is easier and more cost-effective to have it done during construction, such as with a concrete block home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be done.

There are some remarkable benefits of using spray foam insulation. For one thing, it is moisture resistant so it will cut down on the chance for mold or mildew problems. This feature makes it an excellent choice for the insulation of a crawlspace, which can be done after construction. It is actually the best option for a crawlspace because standard insulation should not touch a concrete foundation.

Spray foam insulation can also protect against pest invasion, which is just one added benefit of having it put into the garage because that is one area that is often besieged by spiders, ants, and other insects. By sealing all cracks and crevices, there is less chance for anything to take up residence in your garage. Obviously, the best reason for spray foam insulation is that it can reduce your energy bills by up to 40%.

When it comes to having spray foam insulation installed, in order to reap all the benefits it must be done properly. When you call us at DR Foam Insulation Services Ltd., you are calling the most experienced and professional insulation contractor in the Barrie, Ontario area.