Home Insulation

You’ve had your home insulated and you are confident that all the important places are protected. So, why is it that, even though you have insulation in all the right areas, you still can’t seem to get the temperature adjusted correctly and you are constantly experiencing drafts?

At DR Foam Insulation Services Ltd., our number one goal is to ensure that you get the most from your home in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. We have a keen eye for those places that are often a void when it comes to standard insulation services. Here are four areas that are often overlooked when it comes to home insulation:

1.  Basements – Just because your basement is below your feet doesn’t mean it can’t affect your home comfort and energy costs. Whether it is a finished space or a place that you use for storage, adding basement insulation can play a big role in your whole-home comfort.

2.  Crawlspaces – Out of sight and out of mind, your crawlspace can really affect your home’s energy efficiency without your even being aware. Not only does crawlspace insulation help keep your floors warmer, but it can help to improve your indoor air quality, as well.

3.  Rim Joists – Even if you’ve gotten to all the important areas with home insulation, like your attic and walls, there are little hidden places called rim joists that can act as defiant home comfort pests. Making sure you’ve gotten to every nook and cranny, including rim joists, will ensure maximum home comfort.

4.  Attic Doors – You’ve added attic insulation everywhere . . . except the attic door that opens and closes to your living space! Making sure your home insulation professionals add insulation to your attic door will give you better long-term results.