Energy Savings

When it comes to the energy efficiency of your home, you may be thinking that you have all the latest technology and equipment, so there couldn’t possibly be anything else to consider. Then comes the moment where you notice you can’t really get the temperature in your living areas just right, or your home seems hotter or colder than it did before. What could possibly be the culprit?

In fact, it could be your insulation that is affecting your home’s energy efficiency, and it can be the number one way to affect change in the comfort of your home and enjoy greater energy savings all around. Insulation in your walls, ceiling, attic, and floors reduces the heat exchange between rooms so temperature regulation is easier throughout your home. This also means that you will have an easier time maintaining your comfort levels throughout the year.

With proper insulation, you’ll see energy savings not only in the way your home feels, but also in your budget. Because you don’t need to adjust the thermostat as often and therefore reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home, your utility bills can be reduced by as much as 20% per year!

If you have questions about how insulation affects your home comfort and helps with your energy savings, contact us at DR Foam Insulation Services Ltd. We can provide a home assessment and help you determine whether new insulation will help you achieve your comfort and energy savings goals.