Garage Insulation, Bradford, ON

Garage insulation can make not just your Bradford home’s garage more comfortable, but also make your home more energy-efficient.

Garage Insulation in Bradford, Ontario

If you have laundry facilities or simply love to hang out in your Bradford, Ontario home’s garage, you might find that during the heat of summer and the cold of winter, you do so less often than you’d like. That is because most garages are not built with any insulation, and they usually don’t have ductwork either. If you want to get more enjoyment from your garage, call us at DR Foam Insulation Services Ltd. to find out about garage insulation.

Being able to enjoy and use the garage more often is just one reason to have garage insulation installed. Another reason is to provide more protection for the rest of your home and enjoy more energy savings. Most homes have one or more adjoining walls with the garage, which may or may not have the same insulation as a regular exterior wall. That means a hot or cold basement can have a significant impact on the comfort of the rooms that are against the garage. If you think of a particular room being the “hottest” or “coldest” room in the house, sometimes the ductwork is to blame, but it may also be its proximity to the garage.

If you would like your home assessed for ways to improve energy efficiency, including the addition of garage insulation, give us a call. We are determined to make as many homes in the Bradford area as energy-efficient as possible and would love the chance to add yours to the list. Call us to schedule an estimate for your home, and we’ll answer any questions you may have about our exceptional products and services.

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